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Approximately 150 quests will be added.
Currently, only the Korean version is supported.

Permissions and credits
1.0.1- It is still in beta. The error has been fixed.MFM is mandatory, but combined for those who haven't downloaded it.Place two folders in the Mods folder.
1.0.2- Edit MFM Quest ID
1.0.3-Error correction.
1.0.4-Error correction.
1.0.5-Error correction.+Spanish Additions.
Language integration was completed in [CP]Add Quests. Decompress Add Quests.zip and insert [CP]Add Quests and [MFM]Add Quests into the Mods folder.
1.0.6-Correcting errors and correcting quest IDs.
1.0.7-I corrected the error, but please let me know if there is an error.
1.0.8-Add Quests Mod is saved in the save file, so it is recommended to back up and play.And,
we made the quest cancelable. You can also delete the quest add mode.We will not update until the official mod is released.

Approximately 150 quests will be added.
The quest is enclosed in the letter.
It can come every season or go to a specific situation.
Currently, only the Korean version is supported.
We recommend starting afresh as this mod will remain in the save file.

In advance mode
Content Patcher and MailFrameworkMod
Is required.

Put [CP]Add Quest and [MFM]Add Quest into the Mods folder.

We look forward to the coming of translations from various countries.
(I am Korean, so I can't speak English...I wish there was an English version.)

There is no problem as a result of using the direct mod.
However, please let me know if you get an error.
(I would really appreciate it if you could post the error log on smapi.io.)

There are 9 difficulty levels.


The default is Regular-Regular.

....................In addition to the letters enclosed with the quest, there are letters from the creator.