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About this mod

Approximately 100 quests will be added.
There will be additional updates later.
Currently, English, Korean, and Spanish are supported.

Permissions and credits
1.0.1- It is still in beta. The error has been fixed.
MFM is mandatory, but combined for those who haven't downloaded it.
Place two folders in the Mods folder.

1.0.2- Edit MFM Quest ID

1.0.3-Error correction.

1.0.4-Error correction.

1.0.5-Error correction.+Spanish Additions.

Language integration was completed in [CP]Add Quests. 
Decompress Add and insert [CP]Add Quests and [MFM]Add Quests into the Mods folder.

1.0.6-Correcting errors and correcting quest IDs.

1.0.7-I corrected the error, but please let me know if there is an error.

1.0.8-Add Quests Mod is saved in the save file, so it is recommended to back up and play.
And, we made the quest cancelable. You can also delete the quest add mode.
We will not update until the official mod is released.

Khazhor added a Spanish translation. Thank you!

About 100 quests have been added.
There will be additional updates later.
This mod is designed for users who have nothing more to do.
It's still in beta, so it still has a lot of drawbacks.
There will be additional updates later.
The original production plan consisted of three difficulty levels and two levels of compensation.
Will be added in subsequent updates.
The default when adding quests is
2 years 1 year.
This means that the quest starts on the second day of the first spring.
You can start with the year, season and day you want to start.
Example) 5 years Winter 5 years (May winter 5 years)
Mail Framework Mod, Content Pather Mod are required.
In [CP] mode, you need to add a quest and select a language.
The default is Korean.
[MFM] is required.
English [CP] Quest in English
To use Please download the [CP] Additional Quest to use Korean.
Currently only English and Korean are supported.

Please post if you can submit a better translation.
Do not remove the mod before completing all 100 quests.
After starting, do not delete until the quest add mode is complete.