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Removes either just the large rocks and barrels around the edge of the quarry, or completely clears out the area, allowing for building and other use.

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Your choice of two map overlays- one just clears out the large, usually unbreakable debris around the edge of the area, the other clears out everything and smooths the ground.

The overlay begins just to the right of the right end of the bridge and does not edit the rest of the map. Uses the original tilesets, so it should be compatible with mods that change those.


To use this, you will need SMAPI and Content Patcher already installed and working.

A config file will be generated the first time you run Stardew Valley with the mod installed. The default is to only clear out the edge of the area; just change the entry in the config to "all" if you want smooth ground and no path.

Note that if you are using a mod that overwrites the Mountain map, this might or might not be compatible. As long as the bridge is in the same place, it has decent odds, though. No guarantees. I have tested it only with the vanilla map so far.