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changes the skin on several things I have a hard time seeing, including shorter buildings so you can see behind them easier. Completely configurable.

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I have a hard time seeing a lot of the things in Stardew Valley. I couldn't see the bait in a crab pot, i couldn't see when crops were grown behind buildings. I couldn't tell one rock from another. So this is a compilation of all the images that I converted. Ideas for the bait came from someone else but the red was still not good for me so i located the pot and changed it to green. 

This has a config file to turn on or off all the different parts. If you have the short buildings turned on, you won't be able to use reskin/recolor mods. 

Items changed:
Short Shed, Short Coop, Short Barn, Short Slime Ranch, Short Silo, Color Bait, the Dig Sites, the arrow showing where dig spots and forage, the bubbles on jars and kegs, and the rocks that give exp everytime in the mines. 

This does take content patcher, so you will need it first.
drop into the mods folder
run stardew valley and the config file will be generated (everything is default on, if you want to play without the config to start)