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This is a greenhouse map. It has the main room with growing space and warps to 7 additional rooms. Trees work in all of them.

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This is a greenhouse map.  It has the main room which is ideal for trees and seasonal forage seeds. Then there are 7 additional rooms. All are accessed by warp points in the floor denoted by the different colored tiles. Each set of two will take you to the left or right of the different rooms. 6 are all the same size (growing space of 90 long by 90 wide x 2). There is a smaller one  that is at the top with the starry/winter pattern at the top of the map. The large center pentacle is the return spot from each of the rooms.  The green gem on the left will teleport you to the far right side of the main room map. 

By trying to walk into the broken greenhouse, you can access this early but if you click on the door, it will still give you the broken greenhouse message. 

1.1.6 - 
added dependencies. 
changed floor tiles to touch objects
added update key

1.1.5 -
fixed an error where you couldn't use the greenhouse on any map but the standard farm or my modded forest farm. 

added additional optional maps with pre-divided areas. there is 1 top, 1 main, upto 3 left, and upto 3 right maps that can be changed,
top map - (winter) - has 180 1x1 squares
left sides - (repeats) - has 152 5x5 squares and 13 3x3 squares
right sides - (plant) - has 12 5x5 and 308 3x3 squares.  
main - (seasonal) - has 208 5x5, 66 3x3, and 114 1x1 squares. 
to use, unzip and replace the maps you want in the assets folder. 

1.1.4 - added water sources to each level

To use
Install TMX loader
then drop this into the mods folder.