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This replaces the forest farm with a much larger farm. It starts with A LOT of resources and has space to plant, run bees, do fish ponds, respawning hardwood, and plenty of ranching space. It has transports to the middle and bottom side edges and to the entrance by the bus.

Permissions and credits
This really is designed for use with cjb cheats and tractor mods as some of the area will be hard to clear to start. but you wont have to worry about running out of wood or stone for a long time. 

added dependencies to manifest. 
added update key

Somehow the greenhouse warp snuck back in. Removed it again from ALL the maps. revamp of starting materials (should be close to what it was before) since i remade maps to get rid of greenhouse issues. 

Fixed how the warp points worked. now will affect the forest farm maps. it won't mess up the mining farm map nor the standard farm map from the bus stop any more. But may still have compatibility issues with IF2 or SVE. i don't use it so i can't test it. 
Fixed how the greenhouse was processing (removed legacy info from map that was tied to the greenhouse mod before they were split)
Fixed the stumps at the bottom not respawning in the morning. 

1. It requires tmx loader and now content patcher. 

2. There are now 4 options for starting resources. none, standard, clumps, and ton. the config file is under the [cp] folder. 
the warp points are under the TMX folder and affect BusStop (left warps), Forest, and DeepWoods.   for some reason either sve or if2 or if2fixed are weird, you can remove the BusStop warp. You will warp into a place along the top grassy plain (or rock infested plain) at the top and I am not sure where on the 2nd. (i haven't played sve or if2). 

3. there are now 2 water sources, one by the entrance to the map and one near the teleport doors and carts.  (sorry about that)

4. water dish was changed a bit to help with the original blocked off space and to clean up the image.