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Extends the cellar to be a bit bigger and more interesting.

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[UPDATE] 01/25/17 - New version available to ensure compatibility and prevent crashes. If something goes wrong, there may be an updated version in the first post of the official thread. Also for the quickest response, please post your questions here as well! Keep in mind I update this page only when I have the resources available!

Were you excited to find that in the new update it would allow a cellar upgrade only to be disappointed when you actually purchased it? Well, the disappointment is still sort of there with this mod but at least it's more eye pleasing! Currently in alpha, this mod will extend the space of your basement although it won't do you much good unless you add the Furniture Anywhere mod. 

[UPDATE] 12/23/16 - New update just in time for the holidays! Cellar is now upgradable meaning other rooms will be inaccessible until you spend money to add other rooms. A few other minor fixes. Extra tilesheets no longer have to be thrown into the "Content" folder.

[UPDATE] 10/02/16 - Adds the shower & back room correctly. Game room not quite finished so it's not included yet. Just realized that the "Secret Garden" portion is only seasonal. I'll look into this. Also.. A video preview!

[UPDATE] 10/28/16 - For all future developments before they're even posted here, please check this thread (because I am usually uploading transfers from my laptop to my phone which Nexus uses a lot of data (MONEY!), especially considering their new ads that cause me to have to reload pages over and over until I get that slim chance to hit the upload button.) A retro game room is in the works as well as another room that was going to be a "Band Room" but I've since ditched the latter idea. I also recommend the CurrentLocation mod by Omegasis, as this mod was designed with location notification in mind. Once again, this mod now requires Advanced Location Loader which relies on Entoarox Framework to provide more accessibility. Current progress shown below:

Special thanks to Omegasis and Entoarox while working on this project.

[UPDATE] 10/27/16 - New version added. Note that now requires Advanced Location Loader which requires Entoarox' Framework as well. New version adds a shower & cellar garden. More to come!

[UPDATE] New version added that extends the cellar even a little more. Added a laundry room, bathroom and an area to relax a bit. Added updated image (as seen below) and renamed the mod overall to 'Extended Cellar' rather than "Extended Basement".

Give it a try!

NOT available from or or any other site (besides ChuckleFish; where I also posted it). Other sites are steal-for-profit and I don't condone this whatsoever.