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This is an Add-On for Looking For Love (Siv’s Marriage Mod) by Foggywizard and Siv , to release the bug that I found during enjoy with the game.

Permissions and credits
Hi, there

I upload this add-on because I’m the one who reallyyyyyyyyyy fall in love with the awesome mod “Looking for Love” and during my game I just found a small problems that I can fix, and I’m happy to share my fix to you and let’s you guys enjoy with this mod like me.
Thank for new version of CP that help me fix the problems easier. [I tested on PC and Android version for original SDV]

Features ( only I found while playing..)
  1. Fix Clint’s Kissing scene// He won’t disappear while kissing anymore. and no head stick on the anvil in process geode animation , LOL
  2. Fix Clint’s marriage dialogue that can’t show up before
  3. Fix Clint’s Heart event // now you can trigger it normaly.
  4. Fix Wizard schedule to make him can come back home on Thursday night.
  5. I just re-arrange furniture in spouseroom of Lewis / Clint /Gus because they stick on those furniture.

P*s If you use the seasonal outfit mod(SVO) some sprite will missing because SVO’s sprite didn’t support to LFL / number of sprite and action not same.

Again! This CP only add-on for release the bug for Looking for Love 

1. You need to complete installation all requires mod in Looking for Love page.
2. download my Add-on
3. Copy and paste [CP] Looking for Love in this files  and let it override the original files (for Mac you have to use “Merge”)
4. for spouseroom do the same thing Copy and paste [TMX] Looking for Love Spouse Rooms in this files  and let it override the original files (for Mac you have to use “Merge”)
5. Enjoy :)

Note : I just make this add-on for release bug as the permission that foggywizard write on her page. I don’t claim any assets in this mod as mine / If you like LFL , please visit LFL original page. Once Foggywizard updated the new version of LFL , I’ll delete my add-on from Nexus.
LFL original page :