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Simple Stardew Valley Mod which allows you to automatically catching fish and customize fishing mechanics by making it easier or harder even cheating it. this mod comes with additional features like fish and treasure preview, auto-stop fishing at night or low stamina, and more to come.

Permissions and credits
  • German

List of currently available mod features
  • Automation mode (cast fishing rod, hook fish, play mini-games, loot treasure, attach bait/tackle).
  • Prevent players from fishing when stamina is low.
  • Auto-stop fishing at night (time can be changed in the config file).
  • Preview current fish and show you if this round has a treasure.
  • Configurable cheat both in a config file and in-game menu.

  • Decompress the downloaded zip file.
  • Move the FishingAssistant folder to the Mods directory of your StardewValley installation. If you don't have a Mods directory, please ensure you have already downloaded and installed SMAPI and have launched the game at least once after its installation.

When first run, the mod includes a default configuration that disables all cheat. You can enable this mod in-game by pressing F5 button on keyboard. Force cast power to max by pressing F6 button on keyboard. Catch or ignore treasure by pressing F7 button on keyboard and open in-gane config menu by pressing F8 button on keyboard.

To further tweak the fishing mechanics, you need to edit the Mod configuration file located in the mod's directory. This file is created automatically once the game has been launched at least once with the mod installed. Please refer to the Configuration section for details on how to further tweak the mod.

  • This mod doesn't affect the achievements you can get through Steam, fished counts will still increment as normal when a fish is reeled.
  • The mod is designed to be compatible with the Multiplayer/Coop mode of the game. This is still being tested, May have problems playing the animation of the characters on other players.
  • Bug reports are available at the Nexus mod page link. Bug fixes are based upon availability, priority, and problem level

The configuration file is located on the mod's folder under the StardewValley installation directory, and it's automatically created the first time the game is run with this mod installed. For more information about the mod configuration see the Configuration section on Github
In version 1.3.0 you can now open in-game config menu by pressing F8 on keyboard.

  • Russian: angel4killer
  • Chinese : mcBegins2Snow
  • PortugueseErtila
  • Deutsch: Scomar

Some languages may not be fully translated due to the addition of new features.

This mod is totally free. I just made this for personal use and for my friends, Mod updates, bug fixes, or feature improvements might not be frequent due to my low free time. But I always try to come in and check every week. So if you like this mod and find it helpful, please endorse this mod so more people can see this mod or you can donate to me via PayPal