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Add Animations to Gorgeous Weapons

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                                     All my mods are just upload in NEXUS and  BAIDU POST . 
Please don't upload again in any other site without my permit.

                                             Thank you for loving Gorgeous Weapons ! XD

                     I add some animation to this mod for making these weapons more resplendent, includ the SVE weapons. 

                                                 Now JA version is available , thank ErosDKAl  makes this Version !
there is a known problem that add  SVE  animation version in game somtimes the SMAPI will report  warning and this mod will not work, but launch game again it seem to be all right. 

1.This mod requires SMAPI、CP and CPA (ContentPatcherAnimation).

2.Dowload files which you need and unzip these files.
   ( I separate original weapons and SVE weapons as two different files.)

3.Put the folders in Mods.

If you dislike animation and want a static one, look here, for JA version just need to remove “[CP]Animation for JA”.


                                                                             感谢对“Gorgeous Weapons”的喜欢!XD


                                                                           现在增加JA版本,感谢 ErosDKAl 的制作!


1、需要安装前置 SMAPI 、CP和CPA(ContentPatcherAnimation)。



如果不喜欢动态美化并且想要静态的,点这里。如果是JA版本,只需要删除 “[CP]Animation for JA”这个文件夹。