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I felt like Emily looked a little creepy; and she's not creepy...she's awesome. So I made a portrait mod. I also wanted to make her look more like her sister, Haley.

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I love the original 16-bit style that Stardew Valley has for their portraits.

However, I feel like some of the NPCs portraits didn't look appropriate: for Emily, I felt like her portrait made her look a little creepy, too pale, and nothing like her sister, Haley.

In my portrait mod, I based off of the portrait that CA created (including earlier versions) but modified it to give her a more tan complexion, a freckles, better hair (based on an earlier version of her), and features similar to Haley (eyes, eyebrows, lips) so it can be obvious that they're sisters. This, in turn, makes her look SO CUTE.

I hope you like it. I'm not an expert and this is my first time doing it, but this is how I wanted her to look in my game! :)

If there's any issues with it, please let me know. I tested it out in my game and it seemed to work fine.

To use this mod, you need to install the following mods: 
SMAPI - Stardew Modding API
PYTK - Patonymous Toolkit

Here's how to install the portrait mod:

Put the .png images inside the Stardew Valley\Mods\Portraiture\Portraits\lolmariam folder on your computer. This is where you keep your portrait mods created by me. (When you download Portraiture, it will create a folder. In that folder, there is a Portraits folder. For each different group of portraits that you want to toggle from, create a named folder to separate them.)

To switch the portraits and reveal the modded version, press P in-game during a dialogue with said NPC. It should keep that portrait throughout the game until changed again.

If there are any issues with the portrait mod (including alignment or quality), please contact me.

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