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This adds Lung (a mythological serpentine-like dragon species) as buyable farm animals at Marnies ranch. 13 species included and each has distinct behaviors and items they will gift you with! Haku from "Spirited Away" was the inspiration for the River Dragon coloring scheme.

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Lung Dragons
-For use with Better Farm Animal Variety, Content Patcher, or you can use the .png sprite files for AdoptnSkin -

This mod adds several varieties of Lung dragons (serpentine like dragons that use their magical powers to fly or create change in the natural world). If you are lucky enough these dragons might even share some of their magical abilities with you! 

Baby Lung are not suited for walking and spend their young life floating above the soil. Only when they grow up to be adults will they set foot on the ground for the first time.

River Lung (Coloring inspired by Haku from Studio Ghibli's "Spirited away")- These playful dragons grow longer with age and the ancient ones can grow to be so long they can stretch through an entire river system. They frolic through the ripples and waves, helping to escort endangered schools of fish until they reach the ocean. 

Mountain Lung- Living deep within the earth these dragons are often the reason why the cave systems are so vast, unpredictable, and everchanging. They like to collect ores and other interesting objects that they find while creating the cave networks to help provide homes for other underworld creatures.

Lava Lung- Dragons from the molten depths of the earth, their scales are hot to the touch and their mane is formed of flames. As they dive through the volcanic molten seas, they might come back with melted segments of valuable ores or charred coals.

Storm Lung- These dragons are often glimpsed during heavy rains as they fly through the dark clouds, controlling the course of the storm as they go. Their bodies store tremendous amounts of electrical energy and their roars can easily call forth storms. 

Creek and Pond Lung (Update 0.2)- The most mysterious of the Lung as they are the smallest species, rarely reaching sizes bigger than young dragons. Often sightings of these dragons are written off as a tourist never seeing a real salamander before. They threw away their horns for a feathered mane. Each feather contains several bundles of power, with it they can change the contents of any liquid. They enjoy sitting in water, letting it flow over their feathers as they purify bodies of water of pollutants.

Sky Lung (Update 0.2)- Most live their entire life never seeing the rulers of the great wind currents. These Sky dragons live high up in the atmosphere, sometimes never once setting foot on the ground. They use their wings to sweep the wind across the globe, imbuing it with oxygen so all creatures beneath the sky can breathe.

Forest Lung (Update 0.3)- The oldest forests of the world are always protected by one of these dragons. Ancient forests are so steeped in magic that they attract evil like vultures to carrion. As part of the forest, they can sense when evil enters their domain. They will control nearby plants to drag the offender into the ground to become fertilizer for new life.

Flower Lung (Update 0.3)- This dragon can change its size to whatever it desires allowing it to cultivate even the most delicate flowers. Avid gardeners will sometimes spot them curled up and taking a nap on the inside of a flower. They have a great relationship with fairies and often help heal or give rides to those that are tired or hurt. 

Specter Lung (Update 0.3)- These dragons escort the souls of the dead to whatever lies on the other size. Some humans are afraid of these creatures but those that have had a close encounter with death recognize their warmth. It had been cold in death, until the dragon had arrived to gently remind them it was not their time. How kind of them to meet you at the end of your journey, as it would be incredibly sad to walk that last path alone.

Abyss Lung (Update 0.3)- No one really knows what these dragons do, deep in the dark fathoms of space. All anyone knows is that once they submerged into the darkness thousands of years ago, the attacks that once killed millions ceased. As if it had been nothing but a simple legend all along.

Celestial Lung (Update 0.3)- The keepers of planets, of stars, and some legends even say to the gates of heaven. They make the cores of stars their nests and use the excess energy released to aid in orbiting the planets around them. Many stars that should have died out aeons ago are kept alight by these dragons.

Time Lung (Update 0.3)- This dragon is surprisingly unassuming, except for the gold globes continuously orbiting around its head and the clock on its tail that is ever ticking away, you might mistake this as a normal dragon. The dragon of times four eyes are always looking at something mortals could never comprehend. One eye is looking backward into the past, another toward the future, the third witnessing the present. No one knows what the four eye gazes at.

Installation Guide for BFAV Lung Dragons:
Install SMAPI and BFAV (unofficial update is located here)
2. Run the game at least once to make sure there are no existing problems
3. Download the BFAV Lung Dragons zip file and drag and drop the entire unzipped BFAV Lung Dragons folder from the download into your Stardew Valley\Mods
4. Upon making a Big Barn a new animal will become available from Marine's Ranch: the Lung! 

**This mod does not conflict with save game files so you can add it to your game at any time. Removing it will also not have any ill-effects, dragons will be replaced with normal cows but you will keep all the dragon gifts. It works with new games but you will not be able to get a Lung Dragon until a you unlock the Big Barn upgrade. You can check if it's installed correctly by the sprite icon at Marnies Ranch, it will look like a small snake.**

(Note: Some of the dragon gifts will need to be picked up like a chest, hit it with left click until it breaks and adds to your inventory)
List of Dragon Gifts

Installation Guide for Content Patcher Lung Dragons:
This version is for those that can't get BFAV to work on their system or who play multiplayer. BFAV has some bugs in multiplayer so CP version will allow both players if they have it installed to see the dragons properly. Since this is just a CP reskin version the dragons will still moo and produce milk like normal, there are no unique dragon gifts in this version.

1. Install SMAPI and Content Patcher
2. Run the game at least once to make sure there are no existing problems
3. Download the Lung Dragons (Content Patcher Ver.) file and drag and drop the entire unzipped [CP] Lung Dragons folder from the download into your Stardew Valley\Mods
4. Cow sprites will be replaced with dragon sprites! Enjoy! Certain dragons will appear only during weather patterns. 

Thank you for checking out this mod page! All the pixel sprites were drawn by me but I'm new to pixelart for sprites and stardew modding so if you have any bugs/ questions/ pixelart tips/ constructive criticism please don't hesitate to comment. I will try my best to answer!

CP version: Added a CP version of the mod that reskins the default stardew cows
Update 0.4: fixed the manifest so SMAPI will stop yelling about updating to newest version and some minor adjustments on the sprite sheets
Update 0.3: Boy, oh boy, have I gone a  little crazy with this update. Added six new dragons: Time, Celestial, Abyss, Specter, Forest, Flower. Fixed some of the dragon gifts. Removed the rain totem for storm dragon as I wasn't able to get the spawning lowered to a reasonable spawn weight. Balanced the original dragons gifts to not be as crazy spawning of items. Fixed the sprite for storm dragon as I wanted the horns to be lightning bolt shaped rather than straight.

Update 0.2: Changed Lava, Storm, Mountain Sprites to be more unique as in 0.1 they were just all recolors. Added Three new dragons; Creek, Pond, Sky Lung (Creek/ Pond Dragons inspired by Axolotl salamanders cause I think they're cute and dragon-like already)

-In future updates I might add some new varieties of Lung, custom items, or a Content Patcher version so stay tuned-