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I was annoyed at many of the paths, so I fixed the paths I was annoyed with.

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Better Paths

Nexus Exclusive
No one is allowed to repost this mod anywhere, please alert me if anyone does so.
1.4 update
removed old crystal path options as it was difficult to maintain. corrected the missing path and fixed the new winter paths
What it Does
I was annoyed at the paths, the fact that the wood path had a strange crossroad that lead one way more than another, the fact that the gravel path had holes in it when you put more than two in a line together, the fact that the cobblestone path had whatever grass or dirt texture underneath it, and also made the crystal path have a verity of color choices, because I generally didn't like how those looked ether. so I fixed those things that I didn't like, and made this! These paths may not be the best paths ever made, but they are my paths, and I love them...

any mod that edits the Flooring.xnb file will not work, unless you edit and merge the mods yourself, all the changes are in this file however so as long as it doesn't do anything with that file, your good.
mods like the ones linked below are obvious mods that don't work, if you like the changes done by them more than mine (as both do change the paths in a different way, yes even the gravel path fix is different.. and honestly better than my quick and dirty fix) then download those, if you want a mix, then learn how to unpack .xnb files and merge them yourself (its not that hard.)

Gravel path fix,
Colorful crystal paths

Also its fully compatible with 1.0, 1.1, and theoretically any game version that doesn't edit this file, you will just need to re apply it after an update.

The default flooring option has the changes to the wood, gravel, and cobblestone paths, the crystal Path is unchanged.

In the options folder are the many different colors of crystal Path you can choose from, all other changes are the same as the default version.

To install the default/different options, choose the one you like and place the Flooring.xnb file in the Stardew Valley\Content\TerrainFeatures directory.
MAKE SURE TO BACK UP YOUR Flooring.xnb FILE! rename it Flooring.bak.xnb or move it somewhere, just save it.

replace the Flooring.xnb file with the one you backed up. didn't back that file up? naughty naughty user, im afraid you now need to validate your stardew valley cache in steam, this means if you installed any more mods like this, that changes your cat to a moogle, or makes your farm house bright pink, or makes your furniture look all witchy and cool, or makes fishing super easy mode (or basically anything that you don't put in your mods folder). you now need to re install all of those as well.

none. because you need to report them first.

none, don't re-upload anywhere, please.