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Reskins and renames the Golden Scythe to an Iridium Scythe

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This mod simply makes the Golden scythe look like an Iridium Scythe so that your fully upgraded tools can all match. 

WARNING: If you have already obtained or spawned a Golden Scythe, the name of that scythe will not change. It will look like an Iridium Scythe, but be called "Golden Scythe" when you hover over it (and visa versa if you're changing the name change config to false). If you have already obtained one and want one that's called "Iridium Scythe", you must spawn a new one. I recommend using the CJB Item Spawner mod. 

To install it, just unzip in your Mods folder. This mod is purely cosmetic and doesn't change any of the characteristics of the Golden ("Iridium") Scythe.

Update 1.1.0:
  • When you launch the game for the first time with the mod, it will generate a config.json file.
  • Changing the first option to true will reskin any Golden Scythes in your game to match the Iridium tools.
  • Changing the second option to true will make all future Golden Scythes spawned renamed "Iridium Scythe". 
  • This makes the mod compatible with other weapon reskin mods if you just want the name to change!