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A cellar that is both home-y and can store your casks.

Permissions and credits
This mod is only available here at Nexus Mods! If you see it anywhere else, it has been uploaded without my permission and should be taken down immediately!

I wanted to make a cellar that still functioned as a place to hold casks, was bigger than the default version, yet looked something like someone's basement. Therefore I bring you Jen's Cozy Cellar!


- Pre-added furniture to give a more of a lived-in look
- A bathroom with a tub that allows you to regenerate stamina
- A large space for storing around 350 casks
- The radio off to the left side that acts as a jukebox
- Arcade consoles that allows you to play Journey of the Prairie King and Junimo Kart
- A no furniture option if you'd prefer to add furniture yourself or if you want space for more casks or something

Config Options:

Install the mod and run the game using SMAPI at least once in order to generate a config.json file.

- Furniture: Choose whether or not you want the version with furniture. (True, False) Defaults True

Known Issues:

- The placement of the casks when you first get the cellar upgrade is hardcoded into the game and not something I can fix, therefore the casks will be on top of the furniture. If you are having trouble removing them, I recommend using NoClip Mode.


- Download and install SMAPI and Content Patcher.
- Copy [CP] Jen's Cozy Cellar into your Stardew Valley/Mods folder
- Load the game using SMAPI and enjoy!

Credit goes to Prismuth for creating the bathroom tilesheets used in this mod!

Thank you everyone for making this a Hot Mod! April 9, 2020