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Animates a lot of furniture, museum rewards and other decorative stuff. All configurable!

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Animated Furniture and Stuff

The idea of this mod is to bring a little more life to a game I love. I animated a lot of items in this mod, so I highly recommend to check out the config.json file so you can choose which items you want animated and which you do not. More details in the config section below. Also some of the gifs shown on this page are not a perfect loop, so please don't judge them as the final product. 

! Spoiler warning ! A lot of the gifs show items that are unlocked ingame ! Spoiler warning ! 

Items included such as:

Some of the default furniture
- Candy Table
- Christmas Tree (2 options in the config.json)
- Decorative Bowl (redesigned to a fish bowl from HopeWasHere's mod)
- Globe
- Industrial Pipe
- Jack-O-Lantern
- Joja Cola Light
- L. Lightstring
- Model Ship
- Patchwork Rug (2 options in the config.json)
- Pirate Flag
- Plush Bunny (from the Egg Festival)
- Puzzle Table
- Small Crystal
- Sign of the Vessel
- Dancing Grass (painting)
- Highway 89 (painting)
- Kitemaster 95 (painting)
- Primal Motion (painting)
- Queen of the Gem Sea (painting)

And a lot more! Click spoiler if you want to read more (contains ingame spoilers, you have been warned!)

9 of the museum rewards:

- Lg. Futan Bear
- A Night on Eco-Hill (painting)
- Jade Hills (painting)
- Standing Geode
- Singing Stone
- Obisidian Vase
- Crystal Chair
- Burnt Offering (painting)
- Chicken Statue

All 9 of Famous Lupini's paintings (he really does make paintings come alive!)

Items from the Crane Game in the Movie Theater:

- Deluxe Tree
- Exotic Tree
- All 4 small junimo plushies
- Purple and Green Serpent Statue
- Both Wall Pumpkins
- Bobo and Wumbus Statues

Other secret/unlocked items:

- Junimo Plush
- Stardew Hero Trophy
- Statue of Endless Fortune and Perfection (changed them into spinning Stardrop statues)
- Stone Junimo 
Make sure to have the latest versions of the required mods:
Content Patcher
- and Content Patcher Animations
Drop the mod into your Stardew Valley mods folder, load up the game. Enjoy :)

There is a config.json in the mod folder where you can disable/enable each animation. Simply change "true" to "false", if you want to disable or reverse if you want to enable an animation.
You can also change the speed of the animation in the content.json file, change the "AnimationFrameTime": x, to however long you want the animation to be.

Some items have different versions, for example: "ChristmasTree1" and "ChristmasTree2". You can only have one of these enabled in the config.json at one time

You can use the mod Furniture Anywhere to place furniture anywhere, the animations will still work outside the farm house with this mod.
SDV 1.5 now allows you to place furniture outside.

Only click this spoiler if you completed the community center!