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A simple 15 x 10 greenhouse for those who want a slightly larger but still balanced greenhouse. Compatible with 1.4

Optional version without dedicated tree spots is included.

Permissions and credits
This should not destroy anything currently in your greenhouse, but since I have shifted the dirt area to the right by 2 tiles existing crops may be growing from the tile. I recommend clearing out the two leftmost rows of your greenhouse before installing.

Content Patcher

  1. Ensure you are using SMAPI and Content Patcher
  2. Move the "[CP] Slightly Bigger Greenhouse" folder into "Stardew Valley/Mods"
  3. Enjoy your larger greenhouse!
  4. If you want to remove the tree spots, change
  5. "Trees": "trees" 
    "Trees": "notrees"
    in config.json (which is generated the first time the game is run with the mod installed)


I will very likely not be supporting this mod long-term as I made it for my current playthrough and simply decided to share it with the community, but if there are any requests within the next few weeks I may handle them if I have time.

Anyone is free to use the mod files in any way they see fit, including modification without limit or reuploading to other sites. No credit is necessary, I really do not care.