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HD Character's portraits overhaul of all characters of Stardew Valley & SVE. For use with "Portraiture".
WIP ! All Bachelors done ! Currently doing vanilla NPCs. SVE comes afterwards.
Possibility of Seasons mod, but no promises on this one.

Permissions and credits
All the bachelors/bachelorettes of vanilla game are done !


I might "fix" some stuff later, on them. 
I'm open to suggestions, as I will continue onwards to the other villagers.
If you see something odd, texture or else, please tell me so that I 
can fix it, I might overlook details whilst drawing or placing the portraits
on the spritesheets.

Currently doing : One Vanilla NPC

I have Twitter account where I post my stuff (if u wanna check on the processes too) 
I'm trash with social medias though, there might not be content often, lol...
And there's my Youtube account, where I post some speedpaintings
Most are unrelated, I don't do speedpainting on Stardew Valley characters anymore.

-Every Stardew Valley character
-Stardew Valley Expanded characters (when I finish the vanilla inhabitants)
 -Seasonal Outfits (MAYBE, have to figure out how it works after I'm done with the rest)



13th March 2020 : First entry, Abigaïl

15th March 2020 : Sam made for version 1.1, hurray !!
This one I made in one day and a half I'm working too much... -_-

17th March 2020 : Maru made for version 1.2, phew !
Either I'm getting faster or sloppy ?...

EDIT : I Fixed some minor visual weirdness, adjusted the frames too.
There should be no problem anymore with Abi, Sam and Maru.
The files have to be downloaded again (version 1.3) (and replaced of course)

(Yes I was sloppy and careless as I thought)

18th March 2020 : Alex made for version 1.4, phew !
I hate forks and steaks, but I think It's looking fine anyway.

22th March 2020 : Emily made for version 1.5.
I didn't know what the scepter was, now I do. 

24th March 2020 : Elliott made for version 1.6.
Isn't he shiny ?

28th March 2020 : Penny made for version 1.7.
Took a while for no reason, I thought Penny would be funnier to draw ? No idea. Here she is anyway :D

EDIT : For a while now I didn't like how Emily looked, I thought she was very dull, and to think she's supposed to be radiant and all ! So I finally "fixed" her. And there was probably placement wonkyness, too, but I'm not sure... So anyway. Please download version 1.8 for the "better" Emily.
Yes I know I keep uploading fixes and especially after making a new version, my work flow is inconsistent lol. 

28th March 2020 : Sebastian made for version 1.9.
I really like how he turned out, and since he is one of my favorites I'm glad :D

1st April 2020 : Leah made for version 2.0.
This is not an April's Fool, rest assured. 

4th April 2020 : Shane made for version 2.1.
The chicken is so cuuuute :o.4th April 2020 : Shane made for version 2.1.
The chicken is so cuuuute :o

7th April 2020 : Haley made for version 2.2.

12th April 2020 : Harvey made for version 2.3.
ALL THE BACHELORS ARE DONE, Much sweat and tears was invested; but it was rewarding to see
how much I did already :D

14th April 2020 : Gunther made for version 2.4.
First NPC finished, I did this one first as per request of my friends,
who thought he looked like Don Quixote,
for some reason. 

16th April 2020 : Sandy made for version 2.5.
I reckon she's a bit too cute and not as sassy as vanilla.
Kind of a shame and not depending on taste really.

17th April 2020 : Wizard made for version 2.6.
You don't want to mess with this face !

20th April 2020 : Krobus made for version 2.7.
Don't ask me why so soon, I asked my friend and they vouched for this guy XD

6th May 2020 : Henchman made for version 2.8.
I wasn't dead, see ? :D

25th May 2020 : Mr Qi made for version 2.9.
Ark is taking my full part time XD

10th June 2020 : Linus made for version 3.0.

29th June 2020 : Demetrius made for version 3.1.
Don't ask why the "bed look", I don't know XD

EDIT : version 3.2 is about stuff I didn't like for a while about Penny, Alex and Leah.
Kinda details I guess ? As I work on the newer portraits I guess I'm seeing more and improving my technique.
Cheers !


Ever since I played Stardew Valley I loved the game, and I was heavily disappointed by Harvest Moon series, for personal reasons/taste. So It's always a delight to re-discover and mod the game anew, and I always wanted to do the portraits myself. I also found few portraits covering the entire population of the game, which I liked (I liked this one, but it's not exhaustive, and then this one... but not this... and then the art is not coherent troughout the population of the Valley... and then how about HD with Portraiture, but though DC Burger drawings are nice it's not my cup of tea... the list goes on and no one cares).

So I made my own compilation and downloaded here and there, but then... how about making it myself ? So there it is. At last, I gathered the motivation to do it. I will also use them in my game once finished, probably, if I'm not to harsh on my own art XD that was the main reason why I started this mod. 

How I proceed : I take inspiration from the sprites (the ones with them on the map, not the main portraits), and I do them with a touch of my tastes, a bit of my art style, a spray of manga/cute girl/gentleman inspiration, and respect towards how it could look, with that sprite in mind. I take slight liberties, but it sticks well overall to the vanilla sprites (my interpretation on them, anyway). So things like Abigail bow is there, Harvey doesn't have a moustache (he doesn't on his sprite), Alex has more tamed hair, Sam has earrings, etc... all examples of sticking to the sprite, and my interpretation of the character. 

- Portraiture
- PyTK

Note : The Smapi and Portraiture requirements are from the "Portraiture" mod, but technically... yeah, they're required, so...

Extract the zip contents to this location :
C:\...Stardew Valley\Mods\Portraiture\Portraits

Notes :
- Keep the "SolaLuuka" folder inside of the "Portraits" folder, from the "Portraiture" mod,
don't delete "SolaLuuka" and put the portraits directly inside of "Portraits", or it will not work.
- "Portraiture" is the base name of the folder for the mod "Portraiture", it may change if you changed the name when downloading their mod.

- Concerned Ape's for obvious reasons!! Thank you for making this pixelated awesomeness. 
- Platonymous for Portraiture (I don't know my way around pixels so HD is better for me... >_>)
- Myself, because I made this ! :D (yes I just said it and it felt good)

Last but not least...
My sister for buying me material to draw on computer, and my boyfriend for keeping me motivated, as well as the nice comments ! This means a lot to me :)

I really hope you enjoy this, and that it will bring something to your game experience ! :D