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Changes the order in which barn animals are unlocked to goats > sheep > cows/pigs

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Look, cows are great but in no realistic way is a half-ton animal the best First Livestock Choice for a newbie farmer who was a Joja cubicle jockey two weeks ago and just built their first barn. Do you want to wing "learning how to milk a dairy animal without getting kicked in the head" on something seven times your size, or would you like to start with something a little more managable?

This mod aims to prioritize smaller livestock early-game while keeping the original balance of the number of animals available and price for those animals at the various barn levels. Goats are unlocked with the first barn and cost 1500g, sheep are unlocked with the Big Barn and cost 4000g, and cows are unlocked with the Deluxe Barn and cost 8000g.



    Compatibility with 1.4:
  • Tested with Trent's New Animals, only noted issue is the black sheep added by Trent's still has the original sheep cost of 8000g.
  • Fully compatible with anything which only changes animal appearances.
  • The unlock order should be compatible with other mods but the price change might not be compatible with anything which changes further animal details. There's a second content file without the price adjustment to increase compatibility, if you have compatibility issues and want to use the original prices simply delete or rename the original content.json in this mod's folder and rename 'content-nopricefix.json' to 'content.json'.