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Add a true running key (or sprinting key) to the game.

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Running key for Stardew Valley

This mod add a configurable key enable running (or sprint, technically the base game is running but it still a bit slow...)
The default key is left shift, but the game use it to walk. You can change it in config.json, or like I do change the walk key in game option (walk key is called "Run" because of base running option)

Gamepad support : Press left joystick to run (tested on xbox controller).
Multiplayer : Every players who want to run have to install the mod.

Running consume stamina over time, but you can configure the amount of stamina loses while running.

Configuration options :

"RunningSpeedGain": 50,       <- Base percent of speed added while running
"Key": "LeftShift",           <- Key used for run
"StaminaLose": 1,             <- How many stamina did you lose while running
"StaminaTick": 30,            <- Update stamina per tiks (it's like a frame rate), you will lose StaminaLose amount every StaminaTick of running
"StaminaLimit": 20,           <- Minimum percent of stamina you need to run, if current stamina is under this amount, you can't run.
"RainReductionPercent": 10,   <- How many percent the Base percent have to be reduced when it's raining (disabled atm)
"SnowReductionPercent": 20,   <- Same, but with snow (disabled atm)
"HoeReductionPercent": 10,    <- Inactive now, running in hoe floor it partially disabled (disabled atm)
"FlooredGainPercent": 10      <- How many percent the Base percent have to be increased when player is on a floored ground (disabled atm)