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Equally splits money earned from selling crops and items between all online players

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Equal Money Split

The goal of this mod is to help the logistics of each player manage their own money without having to worry about how their spending affects the group. Money earned through selling crops and items is automatically distributed equally between each player (see specifics in the how to use section).

If players do not have this mod installed they will not be able to receive nor share any earned money.

Compatible with Stardew Valley 1.6

  • Install the latest version of SMAPI (requies 4.0.0 or above)
  • Download this mod and unzip the EqualMoneySplit folder into Stardew Valley/Mods. The latter can be found in your game's installation directory
  • Run the game as you would, per the SMAPI instructions
  • Host/join a game configured to use individual wallets for each player. The mod will not run if the configuration is set to use a shared wallet, but will if you change this (even if changed in-game)

NOTE #2: The mod requires each player to have their individual walllets; it will NOT work with a single shared wallet!
This can be changed at Mayor Lewis's house

  • Requires SMAPI 3.18.0+
  • Works with Stardew Valley 1.5.6 on Windows (untested on other platforms)
  • Works with other mods (in the rare case other mods adjust farmer's money there may be unknown side effects)
  • Works in multiplayer and in splitscreen, otherwise who else would you split the money with?
    Linus wouldn't want it, as he lives a free life away from our capitalist society. Haley would appreciate it, but would appreciate you just being you even more
  • If you discover a bug, leave a comment on this page or create a new issue on GitHub to track it.

How to use:
The mod automatically starts running in the background when you first enter a multiplayer game. No configuration is needed (nor available yet), unless the ability to use individual wallets is not yet setup.

Money is only split when crops and items are sold...
  •  To any shop
  •  Through the shipping bin at the end of the day
  •  Through the mini-shipping bins at the end of the day

The following triggers will not cause money to be split:
  •  A quest was completed
  •  Money was delivered through the mail
  •  An event gives the player money
  • Handle notifications periodically, instead of being immediately displayed for each sold item
  • Configuration file for enabling/disabling the mod
  • Ability to configure to split all money earned regardless of where it came from
  • Ability to configure which shops will split money earned
  • Ability to configure when notifications are shown
  • Ability to configure whether or not players can view how much money other players have
  • Overhaul mod so that only the host needs the mod installed
  • Notification warning users when a player connects without the mod installed

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