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Babies + Toddlers made in the image of all available spouses! Plus different hair and clothes for toddlers~

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Dynamic Children Replacer, a mod by CroiDorcha streamlines the installation process and automatically uses the right files depending on who you marry. HIGHLY suggested if you're confused about how to install my files or don't want to micromanage them for multiple playthroughs.

Update 10/29/16
Female toddlers now wear a dress, male toddlers now wear shorts and a t-shirt. Both genders also have a new hairstyle and you can freely choose between the new and old hair. All main files have been reuploaded to reflect these new changes. If you'd like the old onesies instead, I've uploaded them all under Optional Files. If you run into any issues with the new files please tell me asap!

♢  ♢  ♢

Inspired by Harvest Moon, your babies will no longer need to look so generic! Their coloring can now take after your spouse.

You don't need to use this mod exactly as I've created it. You can mix and match the babies, useful for adoptions! You could, for example, use Sebastian's boy files with Emily's girl files.

Unpack .rar file and extract .xnb files of your choice to your Stardew Valley\Content\Characters directory. Hair choices have been separated into their own folders and preview images are provided to help you choose. ONLY move .xnb files into Stardew directory, nothing else.

If you'd like to remove my mod and did not back up your original files, I've uploaded the originals for your convenience under Optional Files.