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When Shouko Nishimiya, the quiet, deaf girl from Japan comes to town, you're struck with a reason to practice your sign language that you learned in school. Will you be able to become fluent and make a new friend, or forever remain a stranger?

Permissions and credits
This mod adds a standalone NPC to the game, Shouko Nishimiya from A Silent Voice. Currently, this mod has basic dialogue and movement, but more is planned.
Currently, Shouko is not dateable until the events are finished and marriage dialogue is added.

You can configure seasonal outfits in config.json. Set "Seasonal" to either true or false. This changes her portrait depending on the season, but later her seasonal portraits will have a similar complexity to  Seasonal Villager Outfits.

Right now, I'm working on new portraits that are compatible with seasonal villager outfits. I am also making the heart events, in their basic format. I plan to make events more like a visual novel, with still graphics alongside the standard event experience. This visual novel style event format will take a long time, as each image by itself would already take a while to draw, but to implement them into events WITH seasonal villager outfits would require OVER 200 DIFFERENT images, plus converting them all to maps so they can easily be put into events. So please, be patient.
  • more portraits and sprites
  • Sprite revamp
  • unique animations
  • heart events
  • better schedules
  • POSSIBLY split mod lore
  • marriage
  • visual novel like events.
  • festival locations
  • more dialogue
  • Seasonal outfits/sprites
  • NPC adventures Compatability
I'm going to add a changelog into the files. Check that for version changes.
Feel free to message me on discord, either in the Stardew Valley server or a DM. You can report bugs, give feedback and suggestions, or get help.
This mod is in VERY EARLY stages of development. Don't expect too much. Report suggestions and bugs in the comments.
 If you would like to support me, please consider getting something from my shop Here.
Shouko Nishimiya is a character created by Yoshitoki Oima from her series Koe no Katachi, also known as A Silent Voice.
All custom music in this mod comes from the soundtrack of the Koe no Katachi film.
Credit to the mod authors for their framework mods, making this possible, and the Stardew Valley discord for their troubleshooting.