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This adds NiGHTS to Stardew Valley!
UPDATE: due to 1.5, NiGHTS is broken. I am working on fixing it, please be patient!

Permissions and credits
1.5 UPDATE NOTICE: Due to the Stardew Valley update 1.5 NiGHTS has broken. I'm working on changing this, please be patient as my progress will be slow. (I work retail, most shifts are 6.5 hours and leave me drained, plus it's the holiday season)

NiGHTS, from the game series of the same name, got tired of being forgotten and decided to join Pelican Town in Stardew Valley! With heart events, festival and seasonal dialogue, and 2 alternate outfits (for Spirit's Eve and Feast of the Winter Star), NiGHTS is ready to join your game!
This mod adds NiGHTS as a non-datable NPC, they have 3 heart events (at 2, 4, and 6 hearts) and have their own house on the mountain summit.

This mod requires:
Content Patcher
TMX Map Toolkit
Summit Reborn

As of now, this mod is incompatible with SVE, as that mod has its own version of the Summit.

Special Thanks to the creator of Summit Reborn for giving me permission to use their mod for where NiGHTS' house is placed. I'd also like to thank the wonderful modding community in the Stardew Valley Discord for helping me!

Why did I make this mod? As someone who has over 250 mods downloaded, I decided to throw my hat in the ring. I wanted NiGHTS to have more representation, so for my first mod I made them a custom NPC. There's a reason this took 5 months to make.

Info on NiGHTS: Confirmed to be genderless by their creator, every dialogue that mentions their pronouns uses the proper they/them pronouns. This particular design was inspired by their outfit from NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams on the Wii- the most recent game in the franchise, released back in 2007. Their outfit for Feast of the Winter Star is inspired by a sweatshirt I have with NiGHTS on it, in a Christmasy outfit. That design seems to be based on their outfit from Christmas NiGHTS Into Dreams, but with the Journey of Dreams style... if that makes sense.

I do plan on updating this mod in the future, so if you have suggestions for things I could add or change, let me know!

And SEGA... give us another NiGHTS game... please?

NOTE: NiGHTS is programmed to live in the mountain summit, which is only accessible after Summer 3 of year 1. As such, they will not appear during Spring Year 1.

To activate each heart event, the following must happen:

for the 2-heart event: Enter Cindersap Forest any time after 6 AM, when NiGHTS is there.

for the 4-heart event: Enter the Backwoods any time after 12 PM (noon).

for the 6-heart event: Enter the Mountain Summit any time after 6 PM.