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A highly customizable, slightly expanded greenhouse, featuring a seasonal back window, swimming pond, and more space for crops and trees. Cute and feature-rich, without going overboard. Now IFR2 compatible!

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- Seasonal backdrop! Compatible with ALL recolors, retextures, etc. Choose from several options, or set it to auto to automatically match your farm!
- Custom image backdrop! Don't like the available options? Make your own! (Instructions below.)
- Choose your own glass! pick between several different frame colors and glass tints to match any color palette or personal taste.
- Swimming pond! Change behind the bush, then walk into the water along the top of the mini dock to get in. 
- Optimized crop space! the central crop area is now 15x10 instead of 12x10, making best use of all sprinkler layouts.
- (A little) more crop space! 6 additional 3x3 crop spaces to the right. Irrigated for rice!
- Optional expansion! A moderately sized area in the lower right which can be enabled or disabled in the config, and with several styles to choose from. 
- Now comes with a readme containing configuration instructions.


- Compatible with all recolors/retextures. (Foliage Redone pictured)
- Uses custom glass for the greenhouse, so any modifications to the greenhouse glass from other mods won't be visible.
- Incompatible with anything else that replaces the greenhouse map, including IFR2. IFR2 compatible.


- Frame: Selects the frame color of the greenhouse glass.
- Glass: Selects the style and color of the greenhouse glass panes.
- Expansion: Selects the style of the optional expansion, or disables it. (disabled by default)
- Backdrop: Selects the background style behind the glass. "default" is the same as the old one.
- Theme: Changes the color style of the greenhouse's accent tiles.
- IFR2 Compat: Set to 'enabled' to use this greenhouse with IFR2. See instructions below. (disabled by default)
- Patch Mode: For advanced users only. If you don't know what this does, ignore it.


  1. In the Mods folder, copy Greenhouse.tbin out of [CP] Wren's Expanded Greenhouse/assets and into [CP] Immersive Farm 2 Remastered/Overrides.
  2. If you aren't running at least v1.1.1 of my mod, update it and run the game with it installed at least once.
  3. Open config.json in [CP] Wren's Expanded Greenhouse and under "IFR2 Compat", change "disabled" to "enabled". If you don't see this option, go back to step two.
Thanks to Balmmaker for explaining the IFR2 compat system!


The custom image must be a png file that is exactly 304 x 96.
1. Name the image "background". (or "background.png" if file extensions are visible.)
2. Place the image in [CP] Wren's Expanded Greenhouse/overrides
3. In the config, set "backdrop" to "image"
1. Create a content patcher pack targeting "Maps/z_greenhouse_background" and using "editimage". For instructions on how to do this, please see the content patcher guide for modders on github.
2. In the config of this mod, set "backdrop" to "image"


To use the horizon backdrop, install Map Utilities, then change the backdrop option in config.json to "horizon"
There is a bug with map utilities that causes it to not display the sky correctly, this is NOT something I can fix, but an issue with Map Utilities itself. I've reported it on the github, however the author is very busy with real-life stuff so I ask that you not pester them for updates.


If you want to message me on the sdv discord you gotta @tlitookilakin, @wren is somebody else.
Not affiliated with Wren's Revamped Cellar, it's a different Wren. (This getting out of hand. Now there are two of them!)