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A 15x10 Greenhouse that feels more open and even than the vanilla one.

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This is my attempt at making a Greenhouse that aligns with my standards for maps. Its has plenty of space to walk in while not actually allowing you to stuff it full of a million trees and crops.

The 15x10 area in the middle allows for a balanced number of crops while actually accommodating the shape of Iridium sprinklers. The area on the outside can accommodate up to 20 Fruit trees even spaced around the 3 wide path that provides ample room to walk around your trees and crops. That or you can stuff it full of coffee.

Be aware that because Mods Are HardTM the are you enter the greenhouse is just up & to the left of the actual entrance. Still works fine on the way out. Shouldn't be a mechanical issue, it's just a bit odd.

2 Versions Included
   - Version 1: Decorum Included!
   - Version 2: Barren as the Desert was in 1.3, for all your coffee stuffing needs.

Installation: It's Content Patcher, its about as Plug & Play as you get. Oh, uhh, you might wanna clear out your Greenhouse first though. It's not gonna break your game or anything, it just might get a bit....messy....