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Baechu styled portraits retextured to be compatible with SVO.

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Hello everyone!

Baechu's portraits are my favorite set of custom portraits for SV, so I decided to make their portraits compatible
with the Seasonal Villager Outfits mod, while also adding a whole new set of portraits for the characters not yet
covered by Baechu, in the most seamless way possible.

I'm not a native english speaker, so forgive me for any mistakes you may find in my texts. I did my best. o(╥﹏╥)o


I'm aware of the new and updated portraits released by Baechu, I will update this mod with the newer ones as soon as can!

Please read the installation instructions carefully!!

I've released matching portraits for Stardew Valley Expanded and Child to NPC for SVE as well. :)



✦ 29 seasonal portraits (every villager + Sandy except for George, Evelyn, Krobus, Marlon and Willy).
(MrQi is not seasonal)

✦ Portraits for every festival (as covered by SVO).

✦ Matching portraits for SVO's swimsuits and maternity outfits.

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 ✦ Content Patcher

✦ Seasonal Villager Outfits

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1. Download and install Seasonal Villager Outfits
(This is a must!! My seasonal retextures won't work unless you install SVO first!);

2. Download and unzip this mod's files;

3. Once inside [StardewValley] Baechu's Portraits for SVO, drag and drop both [CP] Baechu & AkiraE's Portraits &
  [CP] Seasonal Villager Outfits folders into your main Mods folder (Stardew Valley/Mods) and let the files be overwriten
(Do not drop the entire [StardewValley] Baechu's Portraits for SVO into your mods folder, you'll get a SMAPI error instead!!).

Macs have shown to be kinda tricky when it comes to replacing and/or merging folders. 
If you play on a Mac, you'll have to be careful and check if the files got replaced properly.
If you're on a Mac and are having issues, there are a few helpful comments related to that in the posts tab!

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✧ Note 1: You will need to reinstall this mod every time you update SVO, as it will restore it's original files with the update.
However, I recommend waiting for this mod to be updated as well before updating SVO.
You may get missing portraits otherwise.

✧ Note 2: You may notice I included a version of the config and content.json in the SVO folder.
Do not change the settings regarding Harvey if you want my retextures to show up! He must be set to shaved.
(Also, since the mermaid pendants haven't been added yet, if you set them to true, you will get the mismatched, default ones)

✧ Note 3: I will keep updating this mod to include any new outfits added to SVO, however,
keep in mind that I'm making these retextures alone, so it may take a few days for me to update this mod.

✧ Note 4: If you're not a SVO user, but would still like to use the non-seasonal portraits,
drop just the Baechu & AkiraE's Portraits folder into your main mods folder.

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 This mod is not compatible with any other mods that replace the vanilla portraits or SVO's.
If you wish to mix my retextures with another packs from other authors, you'll need to disable the characters
you want to replace in the settings and restore SVO's original files for that character. 

Mods that replace just Evelyn, George, Krobus, Marlon or Willy or just the sprites
(except for Clint, Linus and the Wizard) are fully compatible with my retextures.

I suppose you could make this mod to be compatible with other portraits mods with a bit of mix n' matching
and manual tweaks. I do not offer support for users that do that, however. Change the files at your own risk.

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✦ Portraits for Willy;

✦ Matching sprites for Sebastian, Jas, Marnie and Caroline.

✦ Mermaid pendants.

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Read this before reporting an issue or making a request :)


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I don't claim any of the portraits as original work, as they are merely edits of portraits made by other artists (Baechu and Edge).
Even the new characters like Clint and Jas were made using edited assets from Baechu's originals.

Proper credits under the spoiler, so this description won't be even longer than it already is.