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Adds several new "Bag" items that can hold other items inside of them, while still only taking up a single inventory slot. Unlike chests, the bags will hold items while they are in your inventory, effectively increasing inventory size and organization.

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This mod adds 4 different kinds of bags, most of which come in 5 different sizes (Small, Medium, Large, Giant, and Massive). Bigger sizes are capable of storing higher quantities of the same item, and usually are capable of storing a wider array of items than their smaller versions. Each bag has its own fully custom interface, capable of grouping items by their quality, calculating and displaying summed values of similar items, or even holding more than the usual 999 limit of an item in a single slot!

Types of bags:

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To open a bag, just right-click it from your toolbar, inventory, or inside of a chest. (Gamepad controls are also supported)

The biggest and most expensive bags are even capable of storing more than 999 of each item.

Want to easily keep track of items you need for Community Center bundles? Then try buying the Bundle Bag from the Travelling Merchant! It will dynamically keep track of how many of each item you still need for incomplete bundles, and has its own custom menu:

Rucksacks can store almost any stackable item, rather than being restricted to a predefined list of items. Sold by Pierre.

Rucksacks can be sorted by Time, Name, Id, Category, Quantity, Single item value, Stack item value, or Item Similarity (Same Id but different Quality and/or Price) by clicking the sort button in the top-right.  The autofill feature on Rucksacks is a little bit different. Items will only be autofilled into a Rucksack if there is already an existing stack of that item in the Rucksack. You can set Rucksacks to either low-priority or high-priority autofilling. (Low-priority means the mod will first search for a non-rucksack bag to autofill, and only fill the rucksack as a last resort if nothing else was found.)