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Vau Serena is an Occitan version of Stardew Valley. All the names, myths, creatures, are now references to the Occitan culture. All the languages of the game are replaced by the Occitan language.

Permissions and credits
Vau Serena is a translation-adaptation in Occitan of Stardew Valley made by Danís Chapduèlh (a.k.a. TristanGahus).

Vau Serena works as a mod, by replacing all text files (dialogs, UI, cutscenes...) from all languages with Occitan files. Some images have been changed as well.



Vau Serena is fully compatible with Stardew Valley 1.4 (all recent files have been translated and the mod is up to date), Linux, Mac or Windows, both single and multiplayer. No known conflicts.
You can check the source code here.


After only a few hours in Stardew Valley, I became convinced that this game needed a translation. I was reading the game texts in English - the only language available at the time - and I could hear them resonating in my head in Occitan. The most obvious link between Stardew Valley and the Occitan language is... agriculture. And it’s almost a cliché! This language is rich in agropastoral terms, and for every hoe or scythe hit, I hear my grandmother speak about «tranche» or «daille» in a Occitan-mixed French!
Stardew Valley offers a number of reflections on our society, our relationship with the land, nature, time, money, and other people, and shows us a balanced neo-peasant community, where everyone can find their place. Meeting each inhabitant allows to discuss various themes such as war and its traumas, xenophobia, depression, ecology, religion... Thus Stardew Valley questions what makes a society, and shows a socially progressive microcosm much more cautious about dehumanization, liberal deregulation, soaring globalization.... And yet many of these themes can be found in contemporary Occitan literature, and mainly Limousin!


Eric Barone wanted to show a universe extremely close to ours, although it’s flirting with fantasy, presenting a human micro-society that could be, by its culture, its routines, its beliefs, from anywhere on Earth. However, Eric Barone is American, and this is sometimes noticeable. It seemed necessary to work on this. The characters here have Occitan first names (Pèire, Eulàlia, Alícia...), the places follow this adaptation (Pelican Town becomes Pampalí, literally «Middle-of-Nowhere») and the calendar festivals resemble local festivals: the Luau (traditional Hawaiian festival) becomes the vòta (votive festival)...
Monsters and creatures come from the mythological Occitan bestiary: tòrnas (ghosts), monas (bogeyman), giants, dracs (fairys or goblins), colòbre (mythical snake), beranas (creatures with small heads and big eyes).
The name of the game has been changed: La Vau Serena is «The Peacfeull Valley» with a double meaning; the seren refers to the evening dew, the twilight, the first stars... Here comes our «Stardew» again!
I couldn’t resist the urge to include a few funny little references here and there, I leave the surprise of their discovery to the most curious players!


It is now time to introduce you a little more to the language itself. The Occitan language is a Romance language spoken in the South of France, as well as in some localities in Spain and Italy. Occitan is recognized as a minority language and is, among the other minority languages of Europe, the one that covers the largest area.
Occitan is subdivided into dialects, variants of the language with many similarities and some differences between them. Vau Serena was written in Limousin Occitan, more specifically Occitan as spoken around the small town of Périgueux (South West France).
Long hidden, the Occitan language has often been associated with rural communities, farm work, agriculture, nature and peasantry. Even today, and especially near Périgueux, many people live as in Stardew Valley and speak in Occitan. The meeting of the language and the game was inevitable!

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