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Want a simple, practical greenhouse? Tired of a greenhouse that is just too orange? Then this mod is for you!

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This mod is only available here at Nexus Mods! If you see it anywhere else, it has been uploaded without my permission and should be taken down immediately!

Exactly as it says on the tin. Sometimes bigger isn't always better. This is the greenhouse I use personally and I thought I'd upload it and share it with the rest of you!

I made this using no custom tilesheets, meaning that this mod will work with whichever terrain and interior recolors you choose.


- Room for 15 iridium sprinklers, totaling 360 regular crops
- Room for 50 trellis crops
- 2 water troughs, north and south (see last two screenshots for better look at the south one)
- Planting space for 18 fruit trees, 3 of each type
- Overhead lighting that provides plenty of light during nighttime

A few closing notes:

- I made this using spring tiles. It is perpetually spring inside the greenhouse and does NOT change with the seasons.
- The stepping stones near the door are not part of the map. I placed them there for my own greenhouse because I like how it looks.
- I credit Who's Greenhouse for giving me the idea of placing the door to the north side of the greenhouse instead of the south side like it usually is.
- Recolor mods used in the screenshots are A Toned Down Stardew Valley and DaisyNiko's Earthy Recolours. They are NOT required for this mod to work.
- Trees are Rue's Creepy Fruit Trees.


- Download and install SMAPI, Content Patcher, and PyTK.
- Download and unzip the mod file
- Copy [CP] Jen's Simple Greenhouse into your Stardew Valley/Mods folder
- Load the game using SMAPI and enjoy!