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Access any shop anytime and anywhere

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Shop Anywhere
You can access shop anywhere and anytime you want.

Note : this mod is like Pelican Fiber and the menu is same, but i don't use all code from Pelican Fiber and i decided if Pelican Fiber is updated / jwdred complain about this mod, well i will delete this mod instead.

Requirement :
Latest SMAPI and SDV 1.4

How to use :
Access shop "B" and Others Access "N". You can change keybinding in config.json

List Shop :
  • Marnie Shop
  • Robin Shop 
  • Pierre General Store 
  • Gus Stardrop Saloon 
  • Clint Shop
  • Willy Shop
  • Adventure Guild Shop
  • Oasis Shop
  • Travelling Shop 
  • Hospital Shop 
  • Krobus Shop
  • Desert Trader Shop
  • Hats Shop
  • Secret Shop

Instant Access :
  • Community Center 
  • Wizard Construct 
  • Sewing Machine and Dye 
  • Instant Elevator 
  • Shipping Bin

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Credit :
Pathoschild for his SMAPI
CherryChain for her Farm Rearranger source code, so i found way to fix player warps to Robin / Marnie house bug.
jwdred for Pierre list shop reference and menu.
All SDV Modder because i learn how to make SDV Mod from they source code and forum.