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Add more keybind for : Petting all animal, open / close all animal buildings door, take screenshot, sort inventory, stack to chest, zoom in / zoom out.

Permissions and credits
More Keybinding
This mod add keybinding for screenshot, zoom out/in, sort inventory item, move same item to chest.

Note :
Screenshot will be saved in default screenshot stardewvalley folder / you can access it by click "Open Folder Destination" in SDV setting
You can edit, the keybind in config.json

Config :
TakeScreenshot = default is CTRL + K 
ZoomIn = default is CTRL + L
ZoomOut = default is CTRL + J
SortInventory = default is CTRL + Q
StackToChest = default is CTRL + R
PetAnimal = default is CTRL + P
OpenAnimalDoors = default is CTRL + O
ClosedAnimalDoors = default is CTRL + C
Credit :
Pathoschild for SMAPI
All SDV Modders