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This mod gives a new look to all the major farm buildings, town's shops and residences as well as your horse. Now you can play Stardew Valley in Korean retro style. If you've ever been to Korea's countryside you will love this.

Permissions and credits
This update (v. 0.21) includes a total of 28 new files as well as 21 files from the previous version, with some minor fixes.

이번 버전(v.0.21)에는 새로이 28개 파일이 추가되어 총 49개 xnb 파일이 들어 있습니다.

The previous version gave a new, Korean-retro look to major farm buildings, your horse and a few craftables.
This update includes four categories of changes: (1) village buildings / shops, (2) some artisan goods, (3) iron fence, and (4) more farm buildings.
I will give descriptions about each of the category and then explain how the file is organized.

지난번에는 농장 건물들과 제작품을 한국 시골풍으로 바꾸고 말을 스쿠터로 바꾸었는데요
이번에는 크게 4가지 변화가 있습니다. (1) 마을 빌딩들/가게들 (2) 일부 장인제작품 (3) 울타리 (4) 농장 건물 추가
아래 좀더 상세히 설명하겠습니다.

1. Village buildings / shops

The new version gives an overhaul to most of the village buildings, including all the shops and residences.

      - The villagers now live in houses that look more Korean suburban style.
      - The saloon looks like a typical Korean beerhouse from the 90's: all the other shops have been retextured likewise.
      - Harvey's clinic now practices oriental medicine (You can tell from the sign: no changes inside).
      - The community center looks like a typical Korean rural community center with a Saemaeul flag.
      - The library/museum looks like a Korean folk museum.
      - The magician's tower looks like a typical Korean shaman shop.
      - The adventurer's guild building is now a container that resembles a typical Korea marine veteran clubhouse.
      - The bus looks like a Korean local bus
      - Missing: Pam's residence after upgrade, the hat shop

2. Artisan Goods

 Some artisan goods look more Korean now.
     - Your wine is no longer wine but soju infused with whatever fruits you put into your keg. 
     - Your pickle now looks like kimchi.
     - Your truffle oil is now bottled in a typical Korean oil bottle, blue glass with a red plastic cap.
     - Your mayonnaise looks more like a typical Korean squeezable mayonnaise bottle.
     - Your juice is now packaged in a plastic pouch.

3. Fence

The iron fence is now coated yellow-green, like the ones commonly found in Korea's countryside.

4. Farm buildings

This version adds the slime hutch, the well, the shipping bin, and the junimo huts.
 - The slime hutch looks like a common refrigerator building commonly found in a Korean farmhouse.
 - The shipping bin is now a yellow plastic basket, typically used to ship agricultural produce in Korea.
 - The junimo huts now look like wondumak, a traditional lookout post found in Korea's agricultural areas.

Folder structure: 
1. Animals folder
- Was there in the previous version, but some errors in the image are fixed. Recommends to update if you are using the previous version.
- includes one file, horse.xnb
- Changes the horse into a scooter.

2. Buildings folder
- a total of 22 files
- 18 files were there in the previous version (log cabin, plank cabin, stone cabin, barn, big barn, deluxe barn, coop, big coop, deluxe coop, shed, big shed, earth obelist, desert obelisk, water obelisk, mill, silo, stable), but there are a few minor error fixes.
- 4 files are new: shipping bin, slime hutch, junimo hut, and well.

3. LooseSprites folder
- Includes 2 files: Cursors.ko-KR.xnb, and Fence3.xnb
- Cursors file includes a new bus, shipping bin (motion), and the community center as Jojamart warehouse
- Fence3 file gives a new look to the iron fence

4. Tilesheets folder
- includes only 1 file, which is exactly the same as the previous version.
- Gives a new look to a few craftables

5. Maps folder
- A total of 13 files
- springobjects.xnb includes a new look of the wine, pickle, juice, mayonnaise, and truffle oil
- Other files are for new builidngs

6. No folder (content folder)
- a total of 10 files
- gives a new look to all the buildings in different seasons


1. Animals 폴더
파일 1개 포함 horse.xnb, 오토바이 (이미지 오류 수정됨)

2. Buildings 폴더 (이미지 오류 수정)
총 22개 파일포함
수하물상자, 슬라임헛, 주니모헛, 우물 추가되었습니다.

Log, Plank, Stone Cabin.xnb
Barn, Big Barn, Deluxe Barn.xnb
Coop, Big Coop, Deluxe Coop.xnb
Shed, Big Shed.xnb
Earth, Desert, Water Obelisk.xnb
​18 개 기존 파일
4개 파일 새로 추가
Shipping Bin.xnb
Slime Hutch.xnb
Junimo Hut.xnb

3. LooseSprites folder
총 2개 파일
Cursors.ko-KR.xnb (버스, 수하물 상자 애니메이션, 조자마트 창고된 마을회관)
Fence3.xnb (연두색 철울타리)

4.TileSheets folder
1개 파일 (기존 파일)
Craftables.xnb (이전 버전과 동일)

5. Maps 폴더
13개 파일
springobjects.xnb (와인, 절임, 주스, 마요네즈들, 송로버섯 오일 이미지 교체)
spring, summer, fall, winter_beach.ko-KR.xnb (건물들 교체, 아래 설명)
spring, summer, fall, winter_outdoorsTileSheet.ko-KR.xnb(건물들 교체, 아래 설명)
spring, summer, fall, winter_town.ko-KR.xnb(건물들 교체, 아래 설명)

6. 폴더 없는 파일 (content 폴더)
총 10개 파일
spring, fall, winter_beach.xnb
spring, summer, fall, winter_outdoorsTileSheet.xnb
spring, fall, winter_town.xnb

바뀐 건물 목록

town.xnb (에밀리, 조디, 알렉스, 패니, 루이스네 집, 대장간, 도서관, 병원, 피에르 가게, 마을회관 번들 전, 번들 후, 조자마트 영업 중, 영업중단 이미지)
-빠진 것: 새로 지은 패니네집, 극장, 생쥐가 모자를 파는 폐가

outdoorsTileSheet.xnb (마니네, 레아네, 로빈네 집, 마법사의 탑, 모험가 길드)
-빠진 것: 스파, 기차역, 라이너스 텐트

beach.xnb (엘리엇 오두막, 윌리네 가게)

The below is the description of the previous version (v. 0.1), which is no longer available.
아래는 지금은 삭제된 0.1버전 설명입니다.

There are a total of 21 files in this mod:
  1. Horse: Your horse is now a scooter.
  2. Buildings: A total of 18 buildings with a new K-retro look
  3. Craftables: A few craftables have been changed, including the boxes. Also includes a partial image file for those who want to merge this with other mod images.

Buildings include the followings:
  • Your house and multi-play cabins in all upgrade stages. Cabins come in Korean modern-retro styles
  • Barns, coops and sheds in all upgrade stages
  • Greenhouse: Now covered in plastic
  • Silo: There is no silo in Korean countryside. Now it is just a power pole stacked with hays
  • Stable: Coarsely built garage for a small motorcycle
  • Mill: A stainless steel mill, often used to ground red peppers in Korea
  • Obelisks: Now balloon signs, commonly found on the streets of Korea, especially in front of 호프집 or 횟집


스타듀밸리 갤러리에서 '진로계곡'이라는 프로젝트명으로 연재하던 모드입니다.
일단 주요 건물들만 추려서 1차로 올립니다. 추후 맵과 마을 건물, 가구, 제작물, 초상화 등 업데이트를 이어갈 예정입니다.
이번 업로드에는 총 21개의 파일이 들어 있습니다.
1. 말: 작은 오토바이로 바뀌었습니다.
2. 빌딩: 총 18개 건물
3. 제작가능물품: 장독대와 다라이 등. 병합용 이미지 포함

건물 종류:
  • 집 (모든 업그레이드): 아스팔트슁글방수포 지붕
  • 멀티용 오두막 (모든 업그레이드): 슬레이트 지붕 시멘트집, 기와지붕집, 황토둥근집
  • 온실: 비닐하우스
  • 외양간, 닭장, 헛간: 합판, 콘테이너 등
  • 마굿간: 합판 차고
  • 사일로: 전봇대에 건초더미
  • 풍차: 방앗간 고추빻는 기계
  • 3종 오벨리스크: 에어간판(호프집 스타일)