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A series of recolors plus a winter-only overlay for a selection of craftables.

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Requires SMAPI and Content Patcher and was tested with the latest STABLE (at the time of the upload) version of the game, SMAPI, CP. 

This a series of recolors for a selection of Craftables.

Following after my Fences Gate Flooring mod and my Dynamic Kitchen Mod, here's a new chapter in the "Let's add more colors variations to the game, mayhap with a retexture or two mixed in" book.

Choose from 24 different colors for the following Craftables: Scarecrow, Lightning Rod, Beehouse, Keg, Furnace, Preservers Jar, Cheese Press, Loom, Oil Maker, Recycling Machine, Crystalarium, Mayonnaise Machine, Seed Maker, Wood Sign, Stone Sign, Tapper, Charcoal Kiln, Chest, Worm Bin, Slime Incubator, Slime Press, Cask, Deluxe Scarecrow, Sprinkler, Quality Sprinkler, Iridium Sprinkler, Crab Pot.

Colors available to all items are: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Ash, Blackberry, Coal, Cocoa, Cream, Diamond, Emerald, Honey, Mahogany, Mocha, Oak, Olive, Ruby, Rust, Saffron, Sapphire, Spinel, Steel, Topaz, Umber, Walnut, Wine

It also comes with a Snow-ish Winter Overlay that, when toggled on, will only show if the items are set outdoors.

Each item's recolor can be individually toggled on and off (set "false" in the config) for maximum compatibility with other craftables' mods (hopefully).