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Adds a selection of doors, staircases, and a working minecart that can be placed around your farm to get around faster without editing any maps. Includes three door styles, two cave styles and the mine stairs, with warps to the farmhouse, greenhouse, farm cave, and cellar.

Permissions and credits
Uses TMXL Map Toolkit to allow you to place custom warps around your farm/anywhere else you want. This is designed with people who use huge, modded farm/farmhouse maps in mind, as it's an easy way to add shortcuts without having to edit any map files. If you're into that kind of thing, you can easily open up the .tmx files in Tiled and change the warp location to the Skull Cavern/the home of that NPC who never leaves the house Harvey/wherever you want to go, basically.

Update 1.3.0: The Boatening is here! CA announced a new "Beach" farm type, and there are some modded beachy farms already, so why not have boats you can stick on your farm to warp you around?

Note: 1.3.0 removes the optional version with no cellar unlock requirements. If you want cellar access right away, delete all instances of this line in the content.json file:
"conditions": "LC Game1.player.houseUpgradeLevel.Value == 3"

To use: Press F2 to pull up the Buildables menu. You can change the default key in the config file for TMXL Map Toolkit. Note: look for the config in the TMXL Map Toolkit folder, not my mod's folder!

Farmhouse (warps you in the front door)
Greenhouse (warps you inside if you've unlocked it; if you haven't, shows a message about it being broken)
Minecart (pulls up the minecart menu if you've unlocked minecarts; if you haven't, just tells you it's broken)
Cellar (warps you to the cellar; if you have the version in main files, you need the cellar unlocked to see these, if you have the optional version, you can use them any time)
(Passages only work one way, so if you place a door somewhere, that will not become your new exit point. i.e. if you placed a warp to the cellar in your bedroom, you will not exit the cellar through that door, the exit remains the same. The passages are only new entrances.)

Door options
Now for all locations: 3 tile high "interior" door, 2 tile high "exterior" door, "hatch" type door, or mine staircase

New option 8/20: Two different types of cave entrances designed to be placed along existing cliffs. They're all from the vanilla outdoors tilesheet, so they'll automatically match your recolor. the icons are just doors because i really didn't feel like making icons for them, sorry

NEW 12/21: Fancy schmancy ~~boats~~ for your future beach farms/current modded beach farms!

Compatibility/Known Issues
Buildables can be placed anywhere except inside farm buildings. I have no idea why this is and it only came up during testing, but it's a limitation of the TMXL framework. You can pull up the buildables menu inside the farmhouse, greenhouse and farmcave; you cannot pull it up inside farm buildings bought from Robin, like sheds, coops or barns. The warps should work anywhere else, though, including outside and on other interior maps like NPCs' houses.

Feel free to make retextures and upload them/send them to me to add! Everything except the exterior cellar/farmcave door is vanilla so you don't need to credit me for retexturing those. The cellar door is from Tainted Cellar and there are some recolors in its original thread; as far as I can tell, it's cool with the original authors (JinxieWinxie and taintedwheat) to make recolors as long as they're credited, but to be safe I haven't included any and probably won't post any recolors of it officially. The doors from the Compact Bathroom tilesheet (which my bathroom furniture mod uses) will also work as recolors for the larger door.

Future updates
Feel free to request door textures/warp locations in the comments! I'll probably eventually get around to doing a few retextures of the vanilla doors to match better with interior mods.


Doors, caves, boat, minecart and stairs are vanilla (doors are from LooseSprites/Cursors and stairs are from Maps/Mines/mine if you're looking for them in a recolor mod like ATDSDV)
Cellar door hatch thing is from Tainted Cellar by JinxieWinxie and taintedwheat, which came out pre-vanilla cellar. There are some recolors in the thread here!
Thank you to hatmouse on discord and fokson for the lua help!
Screenshots taken with Eemie's map recolor, Mi's interior, and Victorian Buildings, and with Daisy's map recolor. Farm in the new screenshots is Capitalist Dream Farm 2.