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Adds a purchasable stable building through the TMXLoader buildables menu, with the same texture and price as vanilla, that can be placed outside the farm. You can give your horse a nice place to stay at the bus stop, outside the mines, or anywhere else you have to leave it often! Supports seasonal textures.

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I've been working on some TMXL buildable utilities and thought this suggestion from the mod ideas github was super cute and super easy to implement! Now you can put a stable by the bus stop, outside the mines, or wherever else you leave your horse often to keep them protected from the weather. You can also place the building around your farm as decoration or for immersion for mods that let you have a bunch of horses.

The stable is purchasable anytime from the buildables menu, F2 by default. It costs 10,000g, the same cost as a vanilla stable (you can edit the price in the content file). It's purely cosmetic, so it doesn't give you a horse and your horse won't spawn there when you wake up, but you can have as many of them as you like and you can get them before you have a horse if you just want the look of the building.

By default, the mod uses the vanilla stable texture. To match your preferred building mod, copy the "{{season}}_Stable" or "Stable_{{season}}" tilesheets from the mod you want to use into this mod's assets folder and rename them to "{{season}}_Stable2". There should be one per season. If you want to use a non-seasonal texture, do the same thing and just copy the texture 4x and change the names. You don't have to do anything to the map itself.