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This content pack replaces your pigs with the Pepper Rex mob introduced in Stardew Valley version 1.4.

Requires Content Patcher.

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I originally intended to replace the dinosaur with Pepper Rex, but couldn't figure out a way to get it to work because the dinosaur has a much smaller sprite size. So, I decided to replace one of the barn animals instead.

I figured that the pig would make the most sense out of all of them, because it would be very weird to milk or shear a reptile, whereas having a reptile capable of finding truffles isn't all that weird.

The baby and adult Pepper Rexes share the same sprites. I made an alternate sprite sheet in which the Pepper Rex occasionally opens its mouth when it moves (modified from the fire-breathing animation of the original mob), stored in the 'assets' folder under the name 'Pepper rex unused'. If you prefer this version and would wish to use it, simply delete 'Pepper rex' and 'Baby rex' in the assets folder, then duplicate 'Pepper rex unused' and rename one copy 'Pepper rex' and the other 'Baby rex'.