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Adds quail to the game with custom sounds and eggs. Requires Lavapulse's New Chickens and Eggs.

Permissions and credits
More variety for your coop! This mod adds 2 new types of quail based on real-life breeds, each with custom color variants, new sounds, laying behavior, and eggs.

How it Works
This mod is a content pack. To work, it requires Lavapulse's New Chickens and Eggs version 1.0.8 or higher.

The new quail eggs will be added to the list of eggs Marnie can randomly sell at her shop. In a future version, I plan on adding more options for obtaining custom animals, including unlocking certain breeds with game progress or even finding eggs seasonally in wild nests, so keep an eye out!

Different from Chickens
These quail differ from chickens in more than just appearance.

I've synthesized several new sounds and tried to match Stardew Valley's style. They sound somewhat like a happy Eevee crossed with a squeaky toy.

In real life, quail eggs are smaller than chicken eggs, but quails tend to lay more often than chickens do. To emulate this, instead of laying large eggs, these quail have a chance to lay double eggs. A single quail egg sells for less than a chicken egg, but two quail eggs sell for more than large chicken egg. You may find that a well-raised quail is slightly more profitable than a chicken.

New Animals

Japanese Quail

Commonly domesticated breed of quail. This is the type of quail that appears in the newer Story of Seasons games.
Varieties: brown, white
Eggs: olive & black speckled

California Quail

Commonly adorable breed of quail. They have forehead feather plumes that bob around when they walk.
Varieties: brown, blue
Eggs: light tan & brown speckled


Optional recolors require Content Patcher.

Pastel Eggs

Using the pastel egg recolor from the main mod? Now your quail eggs can match!


  1. Download and install SMAPI
  2. Download and install Lavapulse's New Chickens and Eggs
  3. Download this mod and unzip it into your mods folder

For more instructions on how to install mods, check out the SMAPI player's guide.

  1. Sell all your quail added by this mod
  2. Delete this mod from your mods folder

If you still have Lavapulse Chickens installed, quail eggs will turn into base game chicken eggs. Otherwise, they'll become "error items" that can be safely thrown away or sold in-game.