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Increases game difficulty and I M M E R S I O N by adding a 5% shipping tax to each item you send in the shipping bin.

Shipping tax value is configurable using config.json in the mod folder

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So apparently this Lewis guy comes over EVERY SINGLE DAY to collect all the crap you put in your shipping bin so you don't have to move your sorry butt all the way to Pierre's just to make a profit.

he da real MVP if you ask me
10/10 would elect mayor again.

I think the guy deserves a little more appreciation than he is getting, so now with this mod you deduct 5% from your total shipped goods profit and grant it to him for doing the Lord's work.

Don't Miss Paying your taxes, or he WILL BE ANGRY

For an added challenge use this alongside with RTGOAT's Longevity mod

- Tested by users, proves to be working as intended

1. Download Mod and unzip the .rar file in "Stardew Valley\Mods"