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Move items between chests (globally) based of selected categories each night

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After completing the Wizard's quests to access the Junimo huts, the Junimos will start acting as a delivery service to move items between chests while you sleep.  Chests can be in any location, and you can select which types of items are transfered from and to each chest.

For each sending chest, the 1st chest that accepts a given category will be used as the destination.  To further constrain which chests transfer between themselves, it is possible to constrain transfers between same-colored chests.

By default, Junimo transfer is only available after completing the Wizard's quests.  However, the WaitForWizardShop value can be set to false in the config.json to enable immediate access to the delivery service.

When opening a chest, a Junimo will be visible on the right side of the screen if DeliveryService is available.  The Junimo will be grey if no delivery service is configured for this chest, and the Junimo will be red/yellow if the chest has delivery service activated.

Clicking the Junimo will open a menu to set which categories are used for pickup and delivery for the selected chest.

The mod works properly with Automate, Chests Anywhere, and with Multiplayer (it is important that all players have the same version of the mod)