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Adds a placeable, working bathtub (animated, regens stamina and health), three variations of a bathroom counter with a working sink, and a toilet with 2 versions, cosmetic or a functional sewer warp, using TMXL Buildables. Works anywhere, indoors or outdoors.

Permissions and credits
I am aware there are issues with this mod in 1.5. I cannot do anything to fix them. The issues are caused by the framework this mod uses, which I do not maintain. If you're experiencing issues with TMXL buildables in 1.5, please report them to the author of TMXL instead:

Update 1.0.2 hopefully makes the obnoxious update alert go away! It's just a simple merging of both versions so I have less to maintain.

There are a lot of great farmhouse and custom furniture mods around, but wouldn't it be nice to design your own bathroom layout without having to edit a farmhouse map? This mod adds 5 pieces of bathroom furniture that can be placed anywhere, indoors or outdoors, with more to come in future updates. It uses TMXLoader's Buildables framework, so the items are essentially miniature maps that can be placed inside any other map. If you wanted to, you could have a relaxing bath in the town square.

Examples of what can be done with layouts:

How to use
By default, the TMXLoader hotkey for accessing buildables is F2. This can be changed from the TMXLoader config file, which will appear after you've run the game once with the mod installed.

Pressing F2/your chosen hotkey will pull up the Buildables menu on the lower right side of your screen. From there, choose any of the furniture and place it where you want it. The furniture can be placed indoors or outdoors and should work fine in custom locations. There is no limit to how many of a given buildable you can have, and they cost 10g apiece by default.

Moving the furniture: You'll have to remove it using the buildables menu first (the tab on the right, or by pressing backspace), then place it again in your new location. TMX buildables can't be rotated like furniture added by custom furniture packs, as they're essentially placing a small map inside an existing game map.

  • The bathtub buildable is fully functional as a mini-bathhouse and will restore your stamina and health. Walk behind the curtain from left to right to change into your swimsuit; there are tiles to change out of your swimsuit behind the curtain on both sides. You can also refill your watering can at certain tiles.
  • There are three options for the sink/counter: just the left half (sink and mirror), just the right half (cabinets), and both halves. The half-counter is the right size to fit in the gap in your kitchen counter. The sink is working (you can use it to fill a watering can).
  • "Toilet" is just cosmetic, "Toilet (flushing)" warps you to the sewer.

Although the furniture added by the mod can't be rotated, it's fairly simple to customize it to match your personal farmhouse. You can also customize the prices, and add or remove map properties in Tiled.

  • Textures: The mod comes with two tilesheets, with the original Compact Bathroom tilesheet enabled by default. To use the pastel recolor, rename "zcompactbathroom_tiles" in the assets folder to something like "zcompactbathroom_tiles1" if you'd like to keep it, then rename ".zcompactbathroom_tiles" to remove the period at the start.
  • Adding/editing textures: You're welcome to edit and recolor the tilesheet with credit to the original artist, Prismuth (and ghallowscalibrator if you use the pastel assets). Make sure your edit is still named "zcompactbathroom_tiles.png".
  • Prices: The default price for all the items is 10g. If you want more balanced prices, you can edit the "Price" fields for each item in the "content.json" file using any text editor (make sure to save it as a .json and not a text file!).
  • Map Properties: All the buildables are .tmx map files and can be opened and edited with Tiled. If you want to add any custom map properties, like sounds, message popups, etc., you're free to edit them for personal use or release edits with proper credit to me and the original authors, Prismuth and ghallowscalibrator. You can find info on what maps can do on the wiki.

Known issues/compatibility
  • The mod has not been tested with FarmHouse Redone, but should be compatible.
  • Should be compatible with Stardew Valley Expanded, let me know if you run into any issues with it.
  • Upgrading the farmhouse can cause furniture added by the mod to glitch through the walls or disappear. You should be able to remove it using the Buildables Menu no matter where it ends up, even if it's invisible. Disappearing or graphically glitched out buildables can often be fixed by sleeping or closing and reopening the game.
  • Upgrading the farmhouse and then removing a buildable may cause a patch of different floor tiles to appear where the buildable was placed. You can easily fix this by getting/spawning a new floor, or it should fix itself on sleep or leaving and reentering the farmhouse.
  • There's a slight graphical glitch with the shadows from the counter and toilet items.
  • If you place a buildable in a weird place and can't leave, you can use Noclip Mode to get unstuck.

DevilBro for the original Bathroom after Second HouseUpgrade mod, which inspired pretty much all other bathroom mods: x
Prismuth for the Compact Bathroom textures: x
ghallowscalibrator for the pastel recolor: x
and the SDV #modding discord for bug fix help and toilet jokes

Mods used in examples: walls/floors/kitchen/borders/bed/dresser/fireplace/map recolor