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Does exactly one thing - makes wet tilled soil darker. This makes it easier to tell which tiles have already been watered!

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Hm... did I water that patch of parsnips? The only way to tell in vanilla is to 1) have a good memory (lol no), or 2) give it another pass with the watering can to see if the color changes ever-so-slightly.

I was tired of this, so I made a tiny mod. It does one, only one, exactly one thing: makes the wet dirt darker, to make it easier for me to see the difference.

How to install:

1. Download & install dependencies (SMAPI and Content Patcher)
2. Download & extract the archive file for this mod
3. Place the [CP] Darker wet soil folder into your Stardew Valley/Mods folder

How to use:

Just look at the game. See how easy it is to see which tiles are already watered. Question why you installed such a thing, but in the back of your mind be relieved that you can determine your farm's state at a glance.