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makes bear fatter and msmoother

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have you ever thought to yourself when you are completing the bear quest that wow this is like 2 minutes of pure bliss but this bear isnt fat or smooth enough? because i have too and i have a great solution for you the bear is now fatter and smoother .

if you are a fat and smooth bear appreciator enthusiast like me, you might like this mod.
also, please follow me on twitter for 0 bear related content . thank youi.
a small note about compatibility with other mods:

this will not work with other portrait mods that have bear portraits/overworld sprites. to use this mod with those, delete the section in the other mod's content.json file that changes the bear portraits/overworld sprites.. for example, in leyalluna's portrait mod, you would delete this highlighted section:

this mod will also conflict with Stardew Valley Expanded. to use this mod with Stardew Valley Expanded, find your [TMX] Stardew Valley Expanded Locations folder and open the content.json file. from there, ctrl+f for Bear, and find the section that looks like the image below and delete it. 

sorry that it's so many steps. please comment if you need any help. however it is a small price to pay for bear.