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Adds an item that lets you rearrange buildings from the farm without having to visit Robin's shop.

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This mod adds an item that lets you rearrange buildings from the farm without having to visit Robin's shop.


How to use
When you reach 8 hearts with Robin, she adds a new Farm Rearranger item to her shop. When purchased and placed on your farm, you can interact with it to open the move-buildings view anytime.

You can optionally open the config.json file (which is generated when you run the game with the mod) in a text editor to change these settings:
  • Price: how much it costs to buy the Farm Rearranger at Robin's shop. Default 25000.
  • FriendshipPointsRequired: the friendship points with Robin needed to buy the Farm Rearranger. There are 250 friendship points per heart. Default 2000 (8 hearts).
  • CanArrangeOutsideFarm: whether the Farm Rearranger works when placed in other locations (like inside the farmhouse). Default false.
    Note: if enabled, using the Farm Rearranger without visiting the farm may show invisible buildings. That's a game bug since the visuals are loaded the first time you visit the farm map. (The same thing happens if you warp directly to Robin's shop without going through the farm.) You can avoid it by visiting the farm at least once before using the Farm Rearranger.

Common questions
Is the mod still compatible?
The mod is compatible with Stardew Valley 1.5.5 or later on Linux/macOS/Windows, both single-player and multiplayer.

For Stardew Valley 1.6 or later, see the optional file on the 'Files' tab.
Does the mod conflict with any others?
There are no known mod conflicts. Feel free to report compatibility issues in the mod comments.
Can I safely add/remove the mod anytime?
Yep, the mod makes no changes to your save.

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Special thanks to cel10e, who contributed the item's art and display text, along with the original idea!