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Replaces the portraits and character sprites for seasonal Abigail with my own version of Abigail

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This mod is a content patcher of the Diverse Abigail from DSVO to give it more defined lines and to make Abigail more reflect my style of drawing.

While DSVO is not required to run this mod, it is highly recommended for the best experience.
Download it here:

Install (NO DSVO):
1. Unzip into your Mod folder
2. Run Stardew Valley once
3. Open the newly created config file
4. Set EnableMermaidPendants to true or false and AbigailSpiritsEveOutfit to purple or white

Install (DSVO):
1. Follow the instructions for NO DSVO
2. Go into your config file for DSVO
3. Set Abigail to "disable"

If there are any bugs or errors, please let me know!