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The Composter produces quality fertilizer from sap and fish. May also produce extra Fertilizer for higher quality fish, and rarely produces Speed-Gro/Deluxe Speed-Gro.

Permissions and credits
Unlike the default recipe for Quality Fertilizer, the Composter machine may produce extra depending on the quality of the fish. There's also a rare chance for it to produce Speed-Gro or Deluxe Speed-Gro. Pairs nicely with Automate if you want to have your Crab Pots to passively produce fertilizer, just place a single Chest next to your Crab Pots, fill it up with a stack of Sap, and watch it go.

Completed remove any previous version of the Composter.
Drop the "[JA] [PFM] Composter" folder into your Mods folder.

As of v1.3.0 and above, this Mod requires Json AssetsProducer Framework Mod, and PPJA - Khadija's Recipe Shop for it to work.

For automation you may use the Composter with Automate and PFMAutomate. With those installed, all you need to do is place the Composter, Crab Pots, and a Chest side-by-side and add Sap to the Chest and you'll automatically get Quality Fertilizer everyday (and sometimes Deluxe Speed-Gro too!).


Help wanted!

The Composter uses modified textures from the default Bee House. It's not pretty, but it gets the job done. If you happen to be artistically inclined and you're willing to offer your services for the price of much appreciation and full credit, please let me know.

If you provide translations for the Name/Description, I'll package them with the mod and credit the author.

Special thanks goes out for the following translations:
  • AsraFantasy for providing the German language translation.
  • asqwedcxz741 for the Chinese (Simplified) translation.

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