Stardew Valley
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Immortal Prince and Koucya

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This mod adds weapons to the game that are mostly sold by Marlon, or in some times found in the mines.

Permissions and credits
This mod adds a total of 151 weapons (as of version 1.1.7), which could be bought or for some weapons, found in the mines.

Since version 1.1.9, I have added a little condition to the weapons requirements. Don't worry, I just added a rarity to prevent them from stacking. Also check out the other shops, I moved some weapons so Marlon's shop wouldn't be so full of crap.

And since we've reached 100 weapons, have a bonus item. Yes, I know its not a weapon, but Koucya insisted that I add this item from another mod we made August 2019. (We never finished this mod that's why he wants me to add this here.)

Another bonus item was added for the 150th weapon. Not a weapon again, but something good. Better than Harvey's Tonics, and it can be cooked. (This item gets better if you're using 'Cooking Skill' mod or if you spawn it at a higher quality using 'CJB Item Spawner'.)

I always try to add more weapons everytime I update this mod. But, I should stop now.

Thanks for Ren8059 for pointing out my mistake why all weapons are considered as swords.

Note (For those using Android)
: Do not use this with other weapon mods that changes the game's original weapon file, as this mod will work as a reskin to those weapons added by that file.