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Adds some extra furniture to the game that can be obtained through the Furniture Catalogue (sold at the Carpenter's Shop).

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This mod adds new furniture to the game.
Most of them are static, but the tip jar, piggy bank and all the coffers have an animated version as well.

These items can be obtained through the Furniture Catalogue (sold at the Carpenter's Shop).

Custom Furniture is currently outdated. You will need to get the unofficial update here. Also, bear in mind that, even with that version installed, it is a known issue that the Custom Furniture will some times turn into chairs when you relaunch the game. For some people, simply going back to the Title screen and back into the game fixes this issue; for others, sadly it does not. I have a few more furniture pieces already made and coded but have been refraining to update the mod because I was still hopeful that one of the many talented people in our modding community could come up with a more permanent fix for this issue.

Updated: Routine shared an unofficial update on the SV Discord that might fix the issue of the chairs. It's still in the testing phase, but you might wanna give it a try.

- Make sure you have SMAPI, PyTK, and Custom Furniture installed as well
- Have Furniture Anywhere and Custom Furniture Anywhere as well if you'd like to be able to place these furnitures outside your house
- Download my latest file and unzip it
- Navigate to your "Stardew Valley\Mods" folder and drop the extracted folder there
- Run the game to generate the config file (just leave it as-is or tweak the options to your liking)
- Have fun :)

- Thank you Lumisteria and blueberry for helping me add 3D perspective to the cat scratching poles/trees/litter boxes
- Fishbowl by HopeWasHere