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Replaces horse with Crowley's Bentley from Good Omens, stable is replaced by a Crowley-themed garage, + a few minor tweaks

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Stardew Omens: Bentley Replacer Mod
This is a mod inspired by the lovely ThunderHeadFred's Stardew Omens mod! I felt that a little something was missing from Eden Farm, and decided I'd add Crowley's Bentley to the game for a little bit of extra Good Omens flavor! Considering his distaste for horses, this change in transportation should be perfect for farmer Crowley to get settled in the Valley. 
This mod replaces the current horse with the Bentley, complete with custom sprites and unique idle animations!
The stable has also been replaced with a made-from-scratch Good Omens-themed garage! Complete with snake aesthetic, this stable should be just the thing for shielding your Bentley from the elements in style!

In addition, a few minor tweaks I made:
  • When riding the Bentley, the reins from the standard horse sprite have been replaced with a steering wheel. 
  • The horse icon in the player menu has been replaced with a Bentley logo (unfortunately the wings wouldn't fit, but that seems appropriate considering the fact that this human Crowley doesn't have wings either)
  • The option to choose between the standard player face sprite and an alternate shape (adapted from Kisekae) has been added, since I preferred the altered face sprite and Kisekae is no longer compatible with Stardew Valley 1.4.

Known Issues
These are just a couple little issues I couldn't fix, or wasn't sure how to fix. None of these are detrimental to the game in any way, I just thought they were worth mentioning in case anyone can give me advice on how to fix them. I'm still very new to modding, so any feedback or advice is appreciated!
  • The player still bobs up and down when riding, as if riding a horse.
  • The Bentley still makes galloping sounds when moving.
  • The horse-hat function doesn't work properly with this mod, as the hat just ends up floating in midair above the Bentley.

Possible Future Updates
These are some things I'd like to fix in the future, but I'm not sure how as of yet. If anyone has some resources that could help, they'd be much appreciated!
  • The player remains stable when riding, rather than bobbing up and down
  • Fixing the hat function
  • Making the headlights glow at night
  • Horse's name is automatically changed to "Bentley" when the mod is in effect
  • Changing the galloping sounds to a more suitable car noise
  • Adding additional frames to the idle animation where puffs of smoke exit the exhaust pipe (in the vanilla game, this is where the horse flicks its ear)