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This mod changes the bedsheet and pillows of some houses in the town for more cozyness. You can enable or disable each of the option or use random options to change them everyday.

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This mod changes the bedsheet and pillows of some houses in Stardew Valley. Currently Haley, Emily, Abigail, Caroline and Pierre, Evelyn, Alex, Penny, Pam have custom bedsheets, with options to disable each of them separately or using random token for change everyday.

This mod is currently compatible with A Toned Down Stardew Valley. It may be compatible or not with mods changing the town interior : let me know (with a screenshot) if you encounter issues. Due to the way this mod target the file, two beds using the same asset in the same location will share the same change, it's the reason why Evelyn and Alex pillows aren't changed since changing one will change the other.).

I plan to also change other houses in future updates ! And maybe more stuff than bedsheets in the future !

Special thanks to all the discord for their help and feedback !

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