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About this mod

A character-replacement mod that replaces Sebastian with the character Futaba Sakura from Persona 5 by Atlus.

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What does it do?
This mod replaces the local computer geek Sebastian with a much cooler computer geek from persona 5 (Futaba Sakura)!
I have changed his character sprite, portrait, name and many many lines of dialogue that mention Sebastian's name.

Why Sebastian?
Futaba Sakura has many personal similarities to Sebastian, being a reclusive socially-avoidant computer nerd. However, she doesn't smoke, and so my mod replaces that habit with candy.

 - Content Patcher V1.10.0 or later.
 - SMAPI 2.11.0 or later. 

 - Install ContentPatcher
 - Download this mod and unzip into your StardewValley/mods folder! 

 - I drew the character sprite myself using reference images found on google. 
 - The portraits were created by editing assets found on I'm not much of an artist so I hope you'll forgive my lack of 100% originality.

As a ContentPatcher based mod, this should be compatible with anything that doesn't edit the same assets I edited. This means, it should only conflict with mods that; change Sebastian's sprite, portrait, and dialogue pertaining to Sebastian. If you are using a mod that edits Sebastian sprite or portrait, ContentPatcher will not load my assets as it defaults to not load anything when two mods try to replace the same image asset. If you are using a mod that changes dialogue, my dialogue changes may not necessarily be loaded in. 

Known Issues
 - A female player that chooses to dance with her in the flower dance will be in for quite the... spectacle, i'm not sure how to fix that. Works fine for male characters dancing with her, or female characters that dance with other characters. 
 - When you first start dating her, it will display 'boyfriend' on relationships until the next day where the patch changes it to read girlfriend. I'm aware that changing the gender on NPC-Dispositions is an easier way to get the right relationship showing, however I couldn't find a way to fix the wedding sprites displaying the wrong image when changing NPC-Disposition to female despite my best efforts.